#Houseweek Day 7: Anything Goes - 

Favourite off-screen friendship - Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard

“Well, now that we’ve stopped sleeping together, it’s a lot more comfortable in every way, physically, as well. I don’t know. He’s very complicated. He’s a very strange guy. He’s very funny. He’s like most of the people I like in my life: tortured, miserable, and just a pain in the ass…” 

“And can I tell you, when you have dinner with Hugh Laurie [speaking in his real accent]… I miss that voice. As we know, I’m straight, but yeah, it’s like, homina homina homina.” 

There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.
Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol  (via writersandphilosophers)

(via booksandpublishing)

We are what we imagine ourselves to be.
Kurt Vonnegut (via wordsnquotes)

(via wordsnquotes)

I love this picture of Katy. :) <3

I love this picture of Katy. :) <3

I dance like Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids if anyone wants to take me out dancing.


House week | Day 7: Anything goes.

↳”I have no idea who these people are.”

Ohoh. Ohh. Excuse me while I cry.

*tries desperately to tan*